Guvernul a anunțat OIPA Cereale că va adopta un OUG care va prelungi aplicarea taxării inverse la cereale și plante oleaginoase. Mai multe informații, în...


Miercuri, 12 decembrie, aproape 300 de fermieri au participat la cel mai important eveniment festiv al anului în agricultura românească: cea de-a cincea ediție a...


„Sunt foarte mulți fermieri în România, dar pentru a fi un fermier de succes trebuie să îți asumi anumite riscuri. Deciziile sunt greu de luat....


Ce s-ar intampla daca maine nu s-ar mai gasi in piata dovlecei, vinete, rosii sau cartofi? Cum cultiva fermierii romani legumele si fructele si ce folosesc ca sa le mentină sanatoase? Care sunt pesticidele autorizate in Romania si la nivel european, care sunt cantitatile folosite de fermieri pentru protectia recoltelor? Va fi o criza a alimentelor odata cu interzicerea mai multor produse de protectie a plantelor?

Veti gasi raspunsul la aceste intrebari, precum si la multe altele in noua campanie de informare #CusauFara (#WithOrWithout) pesticide, lansata de Asociatia Industriei de Protectia Plantelor din Romania (AIPROM) in parteneriat cu Asociatia Europeana de Protectia Culturilor (ECPA), dedicata fermierilor, companiilor, cat si publicului larg.

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  • 6 OCTOBER 2017

    Aedin Celzin's story: With or Without pesticides? To be a successful farmer is really hard. That’s the part that’s not really understood by many people.

    Speaking amidst a field of sunflowers near the Black Sea coast in Romania, third-generation farmer Celzin Aedin said, “To be a successful farmer is really hard. That’s the part that’s not really understood by many people. There are many farmers in Romania, but to succeed requires taking lots of risks. Decisions can be extremely difficult. You have to be in the fields all the time, and you have to pay a lot of attention to the crops.”

  • 13 OCTOBER 2016

    Marcus Holtkötter: ‘Return to science-based decision-making’ the key to sustaining farm for another 10 generations

    Lying near the border with the Netherlands, the Münsterland region of northwest Germany is an area steeped in history and tradition. Famous for its castles (it has more than 100), the landscape is made up of lush, green forests and farmland. This is the home of Marcus Holtkötter and his young...

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  • 5 SEPTEMBER 2016

    Christophe Grison: Farm innovation, pesticides and the environment go hand-in-hand

    “It really is a wonderful profession,” reflects Christophe Grison, standing in his fields in the Oise region in northern France, on a bright and crisp spring morning. “I have many friends who tell me how lucky I am not to have a boss breathing down my neck. Not to have meetings where you are...

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  • 6 JULY 2016

    For Tom Bradshaw, Farming Sustainably Means Managing the Environment

    Tom Bradshaw presses go on his Nespresso machine, in the kitchen of his family’s farmhouse near Colchester, UK. It’s a modern feature in a traditional setting: Parts of the house date back to the 16th Century.

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  • 28 APRIL 2016

    Study shows consumers underestimate the severity of the global food challenge

    Results of the survey conducted by YouGov Plc suggest that European adults (UK, Germany, Spain, Poland) underestimate the potential severity of the world’s food supply problem and the link between productivity and prices. They also underestimate the role that pesticides can play in supplying...

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Asociatia Industriei de Protectia Plantelor din Romania, AIPROM, a fost infiintata in 2002 si reprezinta companiile care dezvolta, formuleaza si reambaleaza produse pentru protectia plantelor. AIPROM reprezinta aproximativ 80% din piata de produse de protectia plantelor din Romania.

Totodata, AIPROM este membra a Asociatiei Europene de Protectia Culturilor - ECPA. Initiativa "Time to change - Este timpul schimbarii!" reflectă ambiția industriei de a oferi soluții durabile la provocările agricole contemporane.

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